Mission Statement
Draft Evolution is a website fully committed to pushing the boundaries between web development, entertainment, and interactive video content. In time Draft Evolution plans to expand into several other sports, as well as create fully interactive and mobile web applications to evolve how the draft process is viewed, and looked at from the average fan, to the most die hard fanatic. In less than a year of existence Draft Evolution has made great strides, partnering with Chris Ransom of Draft Utopia, co-hosting the Draft Utopia Podcast, and most recently contributing to the youtube show "The War Room" with Chris Ransom. The mission is simple; keep evolving the way sports drafts are viewed, and pushing the boundaries of both sports and technological evolution.

Current Staff
      Andrew "Kerm" Kermish:
Andrew Kermish is currently the director and star of Kerm's Korner, a Draft Evolution exclusive that will be airing on Google Plus and Youtube. An adamant Dallas Cowboys fan, Kerm bleeds Crimson Tide Football, and loves the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Penguins. Kerm is a fan of NASCAR, motocross, football, hockey, and baseball.

Joseph W. Potter:
Joseph Potter is the Webmaster, Head Writer, and Chief Operating Officer of Draft Evolution. Joseph is a former football coach, football player through high school, former softball umpire, and writer for the now defunct website Draft Debacled. Joseph had gone to school at both Hocking college and Franklin University for business management and Web Development and business economics respectively before taking time off to develop what would become Draft Evolution.

Grace Mothersole:
Grace Mothersole is the lead Hockey Writer for Draft Evolution. Grace was raised in Canada and has worked as an intern for the Boston Bruins and the American Hockey League. A former fitness and yoga instructor Grace also goes to school at Boston College for Accounting and Finance. Growing up in Toronto she is a fan of Canadian hockey teams, and Texas softball. Grace is also currently the Assistant Hockey Manager at Draft Utopia.

Current Partners
Chris Ransom, Chief Executive Officer, Draft Utopia
Chris Ransom is the webmaster and Chief Executive Officer of Draft Utopia. Chris partnered with Draft Evolution upon its founding continuing what had began as a solid partnership with Draft Evolution Chief Operating Officer Joseph Potter years prior. Chris is skilled in web development and hosts both the Draft Utopia Podcast on Talkshoe Radio as well as The War Room on Google Plus.

Current Media

Draft Utopia Podcast

Future Projects

Softball Evolution
Softball Evolution will be geared toward bringing awareness, as well as creating a platform, for both College Softball and National Pro Fastpitch -American Professional Softball-. Draft Evolution will begin with one softball writer, and expand when the infrastructure allows.

Tech Rampage
A joint venture between Draft Evolution and Y-KNOT Solutions LLC, Tech Rampage will add a new dimension and new platforms to both companies. Tech Evolution will bring expert analysts of new technologies in computers, music, and entertainment to a wider audience. Tech Rampage will come with a blog and eventually a show on Evolution Television, links to Tech Fudgel, and cross promotions allowing a wider audience to experience both worlds.

Evolution Television
Evolution Television will be a platform powered by Google -Google Plus and Youtube- and will create programming such as Kerm's Korner. Platforms for interviews, sports talk, science, etc will be provided. Evolution Television will cover several sports including Hockey, Softball, Baseball, Football, and yes...Mario Cart! -Technology in general-.